> HiFi Fitness is the country’s ONLY 30,000sqft health and fitness complex based entirely on personal training

>The industry’s top independent personal trainers call HiFi Fitness “home”. They train their elite clientele at HiFi’s spacious, state-of-the art, clean and private facility, guaranteeing the most focused and productive workouts available anywhere.

> HiFi Trainers are their own bosses, they set their own schedules and rates. Their clients remain private and are not made to buy memberships or sign contracts with the studio.

> HiFi makes every possible effort to try and assist trainers looking to acquire new clients via email, phone leads and walk-ins.

> HiFi Fitness has gone to great lengths to fill the studio with a wide variety of the best fitness equipment from “yesterday” and “today”. Brands like PowerPlate, TechnoGym, FreeMotion and TRX sit alongside old favorites like tractor tires, kettlebells, sledgehammers and battling ropes. Most importantly, HiFi is committed to keeping open ample amounts of floor space allowing trainers to spread out, remain focused, and get creative with their workouts.

> HiFi also offers discounted parking

> Knowing what trainers want and need in order to successfully grow their personal training businesses is what HiFi is all about.


    The HiFi Fitness Philosphy is simple, give the best Personal Trainers in the industry a state-of-the-art facility with the best equipment to train their elite clientele on and watch the positive, life-changing transformations occur.